Frequently asked questions ?

How long is the course?
8-10 weeks depending on which class you choose.
What time is the day of is class?

Class is from 2 pm – 8 pm on Sundays (8 weeks)
5 pm – 9 pm on Mondays (10 weeks)

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?
Yes, we offer our graduates a letter of competition.
What will I learn during the barbering course?
The fundamentals of barbering. Fades, trimmer outlines, scissors and straight razors shave
How much does the barber course cost?

The price for this course is $2700 + 5% taxes = $2835

25% discount you save $900

Movie Trailer Workshop (part time)

Coming soon

Does the school supply haircut models?
Yes, we supply 50% of models by offering free haircuts to the public. The other %50 is a lesson on how to attract clients. We will teach you how to gain clientele fast!
Do need mannequins?
Yes, for homework and in-class assignments.
How are the lessons taught?
We offer easy-to-understand 20% whiteboard lessons and 80% hands-on practical training with a live model.
Is there personal training available? (one on one)
Yes! Call for inquiry
Is there a payment plan for my tuition?

Under special circumstances.
Call for inquiry.

Is my barber kit included with the tuition ?
No, but we work with several suppliers that can get you barber tools for less than retail.